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Ahmet Nuray said...

What is the word we call Inspiration Space Art Quantum Art

What is inspiration; to love and feel that one is loved. What is to be an author; to join the pencil with soul. What is the meaning of writing; incase one doesn’t feel the moment, not to write for the sake of writing, what is the meaning of writing if one doesn’t become United with the whole with the lines? I have written once and it is finished. I have said for the sake of having said and it’s gone. What is what I call Inspiration? Everyone is expert. Those who have mouth talks. Fills the white lines. They twist the world on their fingers like the black knights of the white world. What is the thing we say Inspiration? The foot prints on the snow white dreams. The black stains of the pencil stretching to infinity. Like the sparkling stars in dreams when the lights are off. Like the pencil vanishing in the lines when we say inspiration has come and coming. What is the thing which we say Inspiration? They want met to put Quantum life philosophy to lines. They want met to define the feelings which is obligatory to live. They want met o be a dam to the overflowing rivers which don’t fit to oceans. During they wait let the hand under the stone be mine. I want the pencil which is darkening the white sheets be yours. I want whole human beings be the enthusiasm themselves and the messengers of hope. I want from the universe the positive thoughts which leads us to future and make us ourselves be real. Due to my not being able to feel the power of the pencil on the cold keyboard buttons, I want to scribble to white lines. I want to have lines which I can leave behind from the lines. I want to live Quantum Philosophy in the future. I want to be in the future. I want to live with investigation by valuating the value of today and the deserved value of time. What is the thing we say Inspiration; besides by being enthusiastic with love and be loving Sincerely Ahmet Nuray
Bibliography: http://www.ahmetnuray.com/ing_makale_devam.asp?id=87

drollgirl said...

gorgeous! i was thinking of eloping and maybe that is the place to go.

p.s. what the hell was that last comment?

Chris said...

Uh, I'm not really sure, but it sounds rather profound, doesn't it? LOL