she often dreamt in color

lots of dreaming right now...

see more life in square here.


Char said...

gorgeous SP....love the cropping on it

Georgia B. said...

hey, i know her! :)

like Char said, i love the crop!

kendalee said...

Hi Chris, wandered over, browsed around - could spend hours in your archives - was then distracted by your gorgeous Flickr stream - I see we share a love of square format - where there is way too much loveliness for one brief visit so will have to go back... Then popped over to your website - so much talent! - and then to Reverie - what an adorable family of cats dogs and people... I feel like I've discovered a smorgasbord! How happy I am that you stumbled over from Claire's. Happily intermet!

parisa mahmoudi said...

Ohhhhh,I don't believe it!!!
This is sooooooooooooo GREAT!
Happy to find your blog!
Best wishes

Chris said...

Thanks for visiting, Kendalee and Parisa!

Thanks to you all. It's a lot of fun playing with my photos, that's for sure.