languid friday

see them all here.

(iphone, camera bag, lolo effect)


Char said...

what fun shots - a lazy day with a loving friend. and, I adore the sock monkey slippers!

Cut Copy Create said...

loving the slipper socks!

Jekisa Jean said...

all of these are so charming!
you make sick look GOOD :)
honestly though Chris,
there was such a sweet and simple feel to all of these shots, they made me feel happy inside :)


...lovely pictures...& warm-cozy mood overflows just looking at them!
~Seasson's greetings 2U

Anonymous said...

the monkey slipper shot is just about the best ever! great series chris :)

shilvia said...

adorable pictures, and such cute slipper socks :)

Claire said...

chris the pictures you are taking of windows and curtains are really good! the light, the angles, the positioning... you awaken emotion with them.

oh and i love the word languid!