puffy clouds, blue sky, five ways



shilvia said...

how i wish to see clouds like that every day!!! thank you for coming by my place...and in turn, my eyes are having a feast!!!gorgeous photos :)

LornaSmithStudio said...

blue skies smilin' at me.....nothing but blue skies do I see...la la la la XXXX

Claire said...

today the clouds are puffy like yours but these are grey... very grey. i look forward to the rain but i miss the blue sky.your angles are creative.

Heidi said...

My daughter and I are forever noticing the clouds and figuring out what picture they're making. These are great!

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

oh, my gosh. i just came to vivid to see if you had something new, and there was nothing, so i just scrolled down in case there was something you posted that you had written earlier but forgot to change the post date on which would make it post below this one.

then i got to your basement light pics, and i realized i named my post on my photo blog from today the same as that one—starting with "Let There Be Light . . ."

i'm so sorry. i swear i had no intention of copying you! :)

i guess it just stuck in my head from when i saw yours because it is so catchy, and i inadvertently, subconsciously used it. woopsie. sorry.
i feel like a dork.

i'll change it if you want me to.

Ida said...

such an amazing group of shots!

Chris said...

Thank you all, you are very kind! I'm so glad I can share my photography with those of a like mind :)