macro monday

(sony alpha 100, sigma 28-135 mm lens)


Georgia B. said...

close and personal with a flower. what is better than that? i'm glad you did a flower, too. that's what i did, and even wrote about why i love to macro flowers. :)

this is a beauty. so much detail at the center of this photo. and then the soft surroundment of purple really makes it pop. {surroundment must not be a word, 'cause it has a red squiggly line under it. oh, well. it is now. show me a rule that says we can't make up our own words!}

hey, we need to get together soon. i can give you your print—which i still have to print. my printer from shutter sisters came. you should see it. it's huge! crazy! it even scans, which i am uber excited about! let me know when we can get together again.

Chris said...

Thanks, Georgia. I should branch out and do other subjects, but flowers are so pretty and interesting :)

I emailed you about getting together. Can't wait to see ya!

Char said...

ahhhh, gorgeous - what a wonderful world of details flowers enfold. beautiful color too.

joyce said...

Your quote fits my post of the day perfectly!
I think your macro is a macro of a macro (know what I mean??)

kendalee said...

Oh what purple loveliness! You and I both have purple on our minds today... And I too love peacock feathers! It's hard to believe they're natural they're so vivid, isn't it?

yoon see said...

Hi Chris.
I have so much feeling for this macro purple.
I am falling in love again.
I can feel this mood slowly coming along!
Love the pretty colours in side the flower slightly pop out and look so refreshing.
So fresh-It's just like taken a bath:)

Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...